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Today would have been my father's eightieth birthday; in a few days, on 17 March 2023, it will also be ten years since he died.

8 March 2023

DAY 224

This is how many days since I have been to work in London. I have been working from home and we are all surviving, but it has been a long, long time since things have been normal.

25 October 2020

Seventy seven

Today would have been my father's seventy seventh birthday. I still think about him every day and often wonder what he would think about things. I figure that he would support Trump just to upset my mom and confuse everyone that though of him as an intellectual.

8 March 2020

One Year On

It has been a year since my father died. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him in some way. I mostly worry about my mother and hope that she is doing ok generally or with some seasonal chore that my father used to do. Mostly she is fine and things have been getting better and better for her.

17 March 2014



4 June 2011

Colgate Scene - Spring 2011

Spring 2011 Maroon'd small version A few months ago, I was emailed by my class rep at my university, Colgate. I gave her the breifest of updates about our life and said, get in touch with Martin.

5 May 2011



3 April 2011

Taxman cometh...

A Darling

18 March 2008

UK Weather Forecasting Sucks

bq.. “Roads will be icy, in particular … everywhere.”

22 January 2007

Allotment : Paper Pots

paper pots

26 March 2006

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