Things I miss... 2004 edition

Well, in general I haven’t really been missing much from the US over the last 2+ years. Really its been confined to things from Wisconsin that I used to be able to occasionally get in NYC from visitors, or specialty stores.

However today my brother hit me with a double wammie, his breakfast which had in it two of my absolute favorites.

  • Nueskes Bacon />what can I say, my second favorite bacon in the world, the first isn’t made anymore (Sheboygan bacon my grandfather used to get with THE best Kaiser Rolls the world has ever known). John even sent me a NYTime article on how Nueskes came in second in a big NYC top chef taste test.
DINING IN, DINING OUT/STYLE DESK | January 21, 2004, Wednesday 
For a B.A. in Bacon, They All Chewed the Fat 

By LINDA LEE (NYT) 1588 words 
Late Edition - Final , Section F , Page 1 , Column 4 
DISPLAYING FIRST 50 OF 1588 WORDS - FROM the worried expressions as my 
guests stared at the oven door -- one of them asked, ''Are you sure it's all right 
in there?'' -- you would have thought there was a cat having kittens in my oven 
rather than strips of bacon cooking in a pan. They need... 


  • Racine Kringle - my absolute favorite is pecan
    if you want to know what one is… go to the site or read this “Kringle is a thin and delicate pastry developed hundreds of years ago in Denmark. Racine Danish Kringles are made from a traditional recipe that Danish bakers brought with them to the US when they immigrated to Racine, Wisconsin in the 1880s. This authentic, old-world recipe has been handed down from generation to generation

Well… I am still drooling.