DAY 224

This is how many days since I have been to work in London. I have been working from home and we are all surviving, but it has been a long, long time since things have been normal.

Some of it has been good. I have enjoyed having more time at home. I now run most mornings and am happy to be home at 5.30pm rather than an hour of commuting. I enjoyed having Owen and Ryan home from school since Easter until September, extra months most parents never have with their university aged children.

But it wasn’t great for them. The have lost some of the unique time that being away at school gives people to find who the are and want to me. These times also have taken away Owen’s internships and both boys potential work experience. I worry for them next summer as well, even if things improve, will it be in time for their next summer?

It hasn’t been great for my family either. My mom is basically trapped in her assisted living apartment. Travelling seems like a remote dream to see her. Angela’s parents have had to cancel a few holidays and are starved of friendships.

Summer at least allowed us to get outside everyday for long walks and visiting friends. Now that winter is closing in I feel much more trapped at home. And watching the Tories and Republicans handle the crisis is astounding. I didn’t believe people could be so cruel and be supported in it.

Brexit still weighs heavily on my heart. In no way to I think the Tories are capable of making it work. It will be a huge economic, moral, and cultural loss for me and generations to come.

I now just hope for a vaccine, the ousting of Trump and the Tory party!