What is going on this Monday?

Today was a shock for me.

I was IMing with someone at my work, who is based in Stamford, CT. At the end of the conversation, she said, “talk to you Tuesday.” I figured she must be taking a long weekend or something and didn’t think much of it.

A little later, some one else said, “I will have to take a look at that on Tuesday.” This time, I thought it was strange, but the person got off the phone before I could ask.

A little later still, I was on the phone with a German colleague who said that we would have to wait until Tuesday for the US to respond. I finally asked, “Tracy, what is going on Monday that no one is working in the US? So far three people have mentioned it…”.

Tracy just laughed, “Isn’t it your Independence Day_?”



“Ah, yes, thanks…”

I have been over in London for four years and forgot, completely. Its such a non-event here that it didn’t register. Also, no one I talk to regularly has mentioned any big plans… but how lame am I?