Seventy seven

Today would have been my father’s seventy seventh birthday. I still think about him every day and often wonder what he would think about things. I figure that he would support Trump just to upset my mom and confuse everyone that though of him as an intellectual.

In terms of my boys, I think he wouldn’t be to happy that neither one when to university in the USA. But he would be very proud of their schools, course choices and how they turned out. He would love chatting with them about cooking and asking about girlfriends every phone call.

This year, he would be very sad about his good friend Randy Crocker passing. He would also be upset about his dog Temba dying. I know he would be very proud how well my mom is doing having moved into an assisted living community.

Not sure what he would make of me and Angela, I assume he would just generally miss us living so far away and be excited for our Sunday calls.

Well, happy birthday old man!