Becoming British = Becoming a Druid?


After our fourth year in the United Kingdom, we were given our indefinite leave to remain at the low low price of {-L}500, having just missed the cut-off where it was free. This year we will get to become British Citizens (actually dual citizens, we are keeping the USA as well) but we are again narrowly missing the deadline to avoid taking a 45 minute test on “Life in the UK” and the “Citizenship Ceremony”.

So to prepare, I went to the British Citizenship website to learn about the process. I was greeted by the above image of Stonehenge and people dancing – apparently you must become a Druid and learn to dance around on various solecists.

I turns out the actual test is so obscure that the media here is joking about it. If you fancy yourself an Anglophile, the BBC put up a sample test here. Just like having to retake the drivers test, I will have to study some strange book for a month just to pass.