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Taste Test: Ham's German Bakers

For years, every month or so, we have been going over to Ham on a Saturday morning to the Backhaus German Bakers for rolls (Broetchen) and liverwurst. We also usually get a Bretzel and Rhubarb or Poppy seed cake. Some days are better than others, but it is always a treat. The rolls and liverwurst are far superiour to anything we have found in a British shop. Not to put down British bread, we love that, but rolls. Sorry, no

20 November 2010


first loaf

17 January 2009

Brown Meals

Schnitzel and Bubble & Squeak

16 March 2008

Embarrassment of Sweets


23 September 2007

Spring Allotment Goodies Start


24 June 2007

Slight Bounty

What rain will bring

28 August 2006

Food : Profiterole


26 March 2006

Restaurant : St. JOHN

St. JOHN's logo

7 March 2006

Food : Pfannkuchen


28 February 2006

Food : Tortilla Espanola

My recipe for Tortilla Espanola.

11 February 2006

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