first loaf

For years I have been a want-to-be baker. My father makes great bread, and God knows I have tried, but always have had mixed success, even with the famous Speedy No-Knead Bread. So I have given up. More accurately, I requested and received a break maker for Christmas (thanks Toby & Almut).

I got the Panasonic SD255 Breadmaker (with seed and nut drawer) and I love it.

Turns out, the problem with the Speedy No Knead bread was most likely bad yeast, but I wouldn’t have even know that without the bread maker! With new yeast, I have been baking loaf after loaf, every second day all month with perfect bread each time. So far I have tried; granary, whole wheat, ‘carabine’ (Owen’s carrot and raisin bread), a brioche (with Ryan’s coconut, chocolate and marshmallow - yum) and a seeded white loaf. Other than the first, none have failed, all are delicious and not even chopping marshmallows has made the prep take more than ten minutes.

I seriously recommend this for anyone who likes fresh, real bread with nothing artificial!