Spring Allotment Goodies Start


We got off to a slow start this year. We dug and covered and dug and covered and dug and attempted to really get out as much of the bind weed and cooch grass that we could. We left our asparagus for another year’s root development. We weeded everything we could. And then planted.

  • Peas are off to an anemic start, only 8 inches off the ground and flowering too soon.
  • Corn, eggplant and tomatoes are only 6 inches high
  • Red onions rotted and failed
  • Only 50% of garlic and shallots survived
  • 1 out of 6 courgette plants have survived
  • Our 3 artichokes were devoured by black fly

However, all this might be fine, we just haven’t been doing this long enough to know. Because we still have:


  • An amazing raspberry crop
  • Huge promise with blackberries
  • A good crop with blueberries
  • Super lettuces
  • Cucumbers that look healthy
  • Beans are climbing or bushing out nicely
  • Fabulous fennel

Fingers crossed for better weather this year.