Food : Pfannkuchen


Well today was ‘Pancake Day’ here in England, better known as Shrove Tuesday or ‘Mardi Gras’. In fact, it seems that most people don’t even know of its religious meaning at all. This is from the Wikipedia:

“Pancakes are eaten to use up milk and eggs, which are not eaten during Lent and would otherwise spoil during this period. Pancakes first appeared in English cookbooks in the 15th century. In Britain and Ireland in particular, a number of traditions have grown up around the eating of pancakes. Some people in Britain know the day only by the name ‘Pancake Day’ and some are even unaware of the day’s connection to Lent.”

Well, the boys had the minister from the local church come in and talk about it. Our four year old only knew some man came in and flipped a pancake in the air. Our six year old knew it was the father of a classmate and that he was talking about Jesus – no real understanding.

However, we did celebrate by making a German cr{e^}pe called ‘Pfannkuchen’. My wife can eat masses of them plain, but the boys and I insist on ham & cheese or sugar & lemon or maple syrup.

Here is the recipe