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7 July 2011

MT Textile SelfLoader Error

Today I did some general CPAN updates. Everything went fine, I thought, but when I attempted to publish a post to this blog with Movable Type 3.38, I kept getting this error:

22 June 2011

W Wh Who Whoa!


22 June 2011

Text Only

Or how to submit content to a website.

4 April 2011

Some Perl MIME::Lite HTML Image Embedding

At some point, you have been sent an HTML email with images that are still on the server. Most email clients will not download the images automatically, unless the sender is in your address book or been white-listed somehow. You either get:

3 December 2010

PA DIGITAL PUBLISHING FORUM - Lending Models (e-books)

Wednesday 10th November 2010

16 November 2010

XPath and me

I run a small, hyperlocal website, St Margarets Community Website. I do this completely in my spare time and am always looking for ways to cut corners. One bit time suck is posting events where you have to:

6 November 2010

Site Launch: MGM Plus

MGM Student Homepage

28 September 2009

Site Launch: Scholastic Book Clubs

Scholastic Book Clubs - Parent's hompage

13 August 2009

More Photographic Tests

My last post was about Dirk’s new camera. Well today we took a half day to test it out. We had planned the date two days ago, when we woke up this morning, it was pouring rain. Since we are members of Kew, and it five minutes away, I grabbed a visitor pass and we headed over to take some pictures in the Palm House and Temperate House.

31 December 2005

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