MT Textile SelfLoader Error

Today I did some general CPAN updates. Everything went fine, I thought, but when I attempted to publish a post to this blog with Movable Type 3.38, I kept getting this error:

An error occurred:
Global symbol "$nested" requires explicit package name at (re\_eval 34) line 2, <DATA> line 1.
Compilation failed in regexp at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/ line 112, <DATA> line 1.

After a minor amount of digging, I found it was either or Textile2.

perl -MSelfLoader -e 'print 1'

returned ‘1’

I attempted to upgrade to the MT 4.X versions of textile2, but MT 3 didn’t recognise it at all.

So, I just added …

my $nested = "";

… to and it works.

Who knows if that will cause other errors later, but it all works now.

Hope this might help someone else.