Japan - Day 19 - Tokyo

Stayed Karaksa Hotel Colors  
Ate Lunch Happy pancakes at A Happy Pancake Ginza
  Drinks Beers and sours at GYOBAR Yaesu
  Dinner Okonomiyaki at Utachaya
Travel Driving 95 km
  Walking 13.8 km

Day 16 - Tokyo -

After a fantastic breakfast in our ryokan, we drove to Fukushima to return our car and take the Shinkansen to Tokyo.

We stayed near Ginza and Tokyo Station. We spent the day eating and shopping.

We had lunch at a happy pancake place. The pancakes were good but not outstanding.

We also visited the Pokémon Centre for old-time sake.

We had drinks by Tokyo Station and Okonomiyaki in the evening for dinner.

We felt good about the whole rental car experience and would recommend it. Tokyo sure feels busy compared to up north.