Japan - Day 18 - Zao Onsen

Stayed Takasagoya  
Ate Lunch Ramen at Okumura Sobaya
  Dinner Many, many dishes at Takasagoya
Travel Driving 117 km
  Walking 5.4 km

We woke early to hear the monk’s prayers at the Dewasanzan-jinja Shrine. It was very peaceful. Then we had another fantastic breakfast, and we checked out.

Angela and Owen walked down the 2,400 steps of the mountain past the many shrines along the way. I drove to the bottom and walked ‘up’ to meet them at the famous Hagurosan Gojunoto (Five-Story Pagoda). It was pretty magical.

Then we drove to a ski and spa town called Zao Onsen. Unfortunately, it is tranquil out of ski season; literally, only three stores were open. However, found amazing ramen for lunch, and our ryokan, Takasagoya, had the most amazing dinner.

The food alone was worth coming to this ryokan! To top it off, we also visited one of the three public baths and relaxed at the hotel’s baths.

A quiet but good day.