Japan - Day 20 - Tokyo

Stayed Hotel Nikko Narita  
Ate Breakfast Bakery from Johan
  Tea Tea and sweets at Ippodo Tea Tokyo Marunouchi
  Drinks High Five
  Dinner Tonkatsu at Tonkatsu Wako
Travel Walking 16.2 km

Today was our last full day in Japan. We started off marching around Ginza, looking for a tea house that served drinks before noon. We failed.

Five kilometres later, we went to a fantastic bakery, Johan, in a high-end department store and sat in their roof garden — a good choice.

Afterwards, we went on a tour of the Imperial Palace. Then we went to a tea house and enjoyed a final pot of sencha.

For the evening, we went to High Five, a bar recommended by an old friend, Rick Himes. So good. Drinks were followed by one last dinner and a long subway ride to a hotel by Narita airport.

A great trip!