Japan - Day 17 - Dewasanzan-jinja Shrine

Stayed Saikan pilgrim hotel  
Ate Lunch Picnic at Jūroku Rakan Iwa
  Dinner Many, many dishes at Saikan
Travel Driving 149 km
  Walking 8.1 km

We left Akita this morning and made a few stops before the Dewasanzan-jinja Shrine. The first stop was Mototaki Waterfall. It was fairly small but in a lovely cedar forest.

Then we saw Jūroku Rakan Iwa, 16 Buddhas carved into the volcanic rock near Sakata. Monks had them carved to thank the local fishermen for years of free fish.

And finally, we arrived at the large temple complex on Mt Haguro. We are staying at an enormous pilgrims’ building; however, there is only one other family here, from Texas. We explored the top of the mountain’s shrines and templates.

Sat and drank tea. We had a fantastic meal followed by a bath.

When in Japan, you have to try a few ryokans and temples!