Book - The Fifth Witness

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The Fifth Witness

by Michael Connelly

Rating: ★★★★☆

Synopsis: In tough times, crime is one of the few things that still pays, but even criminals are having to make cut-backs. So for defence lawyer Mickey Haller, most of his new business is not about keeping people out of jail; it’s about keeping a roof over their heads as the foreclosure business is booming. Lisa Trammel has been a client of Mickey’s for eight months, and so far he’s stopped the bank from taking her house. But now the bank’s CEO has been found beaten to death - and Lisa is about to be indicted for murder…

A more pure Mickey Haller book with no Harry Bosch. I really liked most of it, but didn’t think he built up the villan enough to really hate them enough when revealed. But great on Haller and his team. If you like Connelly, you will not be disappointed.