The Globe Theatre - Henry IV Part I

From The Globe Theatre in London on 8 October 2010.  Wonderful evening with the Pacey's.

Tonight we went to The Globe Theatre to see Shakespear’s Henry IV, Part I with the Pacey’s. After 10 years, we had never been to The Globe, so it was great just to see the place. It is an amazing place, part open air, part sheltered. We were on the first floor, under a roof and mostly out of the wind. The only problem is the seats are mighty uncomfortable, not helped by the people to the side of us squishing us in.

The play was really well done. There was a mini-play to warm up and then the main one. Most of the actors were excellent. If you haven’t read Henry IV, Part I, or don’t remember, it has a bit of action and a lot of humor with Hal and Falstaff. Both the actors playing Hal and Falstaff were great, so it basically made the play.

We are now trying to find one that the kids would like to see as well.