Book - Worth Dying For

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Worth Dying For

by (Jack Reacher 15)

Rating: ★★★★☆

Synopsis: Initially, we are not told how Jack Reacher survived the seemingly-terminal events of the last book, as he makes his way south to an unwelcoming part of Nebraska in the dead of winter. He fetches up in a town in the grip of the powerful, manipulative Duncan family, and the cowed townspeople have no fight left in them. In a sleazy hotel, he encounters the town’s alcoholic doctor, and the two end up driving to a house where they come across a grim case of domestic violence. And Child admirers won’t be surprised to learn that Jack’s life is soon on the line – as usual. The stage is set for violent confrontation.

A better Reacher novel than some, a bit formulaic, but very well written again. It is what you expect and want.

Great escape.