The Power of Advertisements


Today I was in the queue at a Subway in Leamington Spa. In front of me were two young men, about 17 years old, wearing sweats and hoodies (hooded sweatshirts).

The boy nearest me was very excited and couldn’t decided exactly what size sandwich he wanted and which toppings. He finally decided on a foot long meatball sub with cheese, extra bacon and mayo. He seemed so happy and so attentive to how they were making it, I asked him, “first time here?”

He turns to me and says;

“I just got out of prison yesterday and for two years now I have been watching Subway ads on the tellie and wanted a meatball sub. I just didn’t know you got all these other choices too… its amazing!”

I said, “those ads made quite an impact then”.

He nodded and ran off to devour the sandwich.

I just hope it lives up to his expectations.