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The Forrest by Edward Rutherfurd


The Forrest

By Edward Rutherfurd

Rating: ★★★½

I have read Rutherfurd’s Russka and Sarum and loved both. This book was nearly as good, but somthing was missing in the starting and final vignette – you just didn’t know or care about the modern era. However, its an interesting gendre that Rutherfurd has started and very good way to learn about the history of a place. Basically he follows a series of families for centuries in a single place. This book is about the New Forrest in South West England, near to wear we go camping.

The characters in throughout are really well crafted and the movement of traits and crafts and objects moving through the generations are powerful. I felt that this book some of the characters were even more tragic than they had to be. But if you like historical fiction and are interested in a funny little corner of Britain, this book is worth a read.