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Food : Pfannkuchen


28 February 2006 | on food & drink

Looking for Work

Well, I seriously doubt if it will help, but I thought I should cover all bases and post my CV/Resum{e’} here.

27 February 2006 | life in the UK

Paris February 2006

This weekend we took advantage of my mother being here to look after the boys and took the Eurostar over to Pars to meet up with old friends.

24 February 2006 | travel

Play - The Exonerated

Review of the most excellent play, The Exonerated, at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith.

22 February 2006 | culture

Food : Tortilla Espanola

My recipe for Tortilla Espanola.

11 February 2006 | on food & drink

Food : Chinese Eggplant

My recipe for Chinese Eggplant with Pork.

9 February 2006 | on food & drink

Drink : Feuerzangenbowle

This weekend we were treated to a seasonal favourite from our good friends Dirk and Gulin.

3 February 2006 | on food & drink

Play - James Saunders' Games & After Liverpool

Review of the Orange Tree's production of James Saunders' Games and After Liverpool

3 February 2006 | culture

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