Hong Kong

Hong Kong ~ 3 Days


We spent the first 3 days in Hong Kong, which would have been wonderful, except the typhoon like downpours. Literally, the stock exchange was closed it rained so much one day. We still climbed around the Victoria Hill and saw the Botanical Gardens and the Zoo. We also went to Aberdeen on the back side of the island and look a Sampan Harbor tour which was pretty cool, except the rain. There were even Japanese tuna buyer standing on shore in-case a ship caught a tuna.

I.M. Pei Bank of China Building

Another day in Hong Kong we walked up Nathan Road (the main shopping road) and saw a famous park (just okay) an amazing fresh flower market and a song bird market which was sad and amazing.

We stayed on the Kowloon side of the harbor and our hotel had an awesome view of Hong Kong city. We ate at noodle shops (which is the only good Hong Kong food) and drank mucho beer…

The third day we flew to Bangkok.

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