Japan - Day 6 - Tokyo

Stayed Shinjuku Warm House  
Ate Lunch Dumplings at Gyopao Gyoza Shinjuku
  Dinner Gyūdon at Yoshinoya
Travel Walking 15.4 km

Last night Owen was pretty unwell. So we decided to stay local, let Owen sleep, but still be near enough for him to catch up with us if he felt better. So we headed to Shinjuku Station and an outdoor shop we read about. Angela found two pairs of trail runner/hiking shoes. We assumed they would have smaller sizes, and the bet paid off. Then we visited a few big department stores and their fantastic food halls and bought a few snacks.

Around 1 pm, Owen was well enough to come out and meet us to visit the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden that still had some cherry blossoms! After, we went to a well-reviewed soup dumpling place called Gyopao Gyoza for a light lunch.

We returned to our hotel and then went for dinner in a chain gyūdon (beef and rice) restaurant that was pretty good.