Japan - Day 14 - Morioka to Akita

Stayed Comfort Hotel Akita  
Ate Lunch Ate at the Cherry Festival in Kakunodate
  Dinner Mother and child oyakodon from Akita Hinai-jidori Restaurant
Travel Driving 141 km
  Walking 13.8 km

We all really liked Morioka, but we had to leave by 10 am because of the car. So we got up early and visited Hoonji Temple, famous for a room with 1,000 Buddha statues. It was impressive, and we had it to ourselves.

Then we drove to Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in Japan, rimmed with mountains but a bit misty. On the right day, it would be magical. Today was less impressive.

After Lake Tazawa, we headed to Dakigaeri Gorge. Unfortunately, after walking only one-kilometre, the path was closed for repair. Other local people were also surprised. However, we saw some beautiful blue water in the river, but none of the waterfalls.

So we drove to Kakunodate, a town with many preserved samurai homes and a big cherry festival with a two-kilometre cherry ‘tunnel’ along the river. We started with the samurai area and then headed to the cherries.

They were in perfect bloom – finally! We also came across a cherry fair with lots of excellent street food. Tripple win!

Afterwards, we drove to Akita, our base for the next few days. It is the home of the famous Hinai jidori chicken.