Japan - Day 12 - Tashirojima Island to Kensenuma

Stayed Komatsu-kan Kofu-tei  
Ate Lunch Picnic from FamilyMart
  Dinner Tonkatsu from Katsuya
Travel Driving 113 km
  Walking 13.6 km

When we woke up, Matsushima Bay was lovely and still, and we just stared out our windows. Unfortunately, we had to leave early to get to the ferry to Tashirojima ‘Cat’ Island, where the 100+ cats outnumber the very aged population of approximately 50 people.

The ferry was quick, about 40 minutes, and very pretty. When we got to the island, we had around four hours until the ferry returned, so we decided to walk around the island, around 10 km. The west side is mostly cedar forest and rugged coast. The east has two tiny towns of mostly fisherpeople and seaweed farmers.

Owen loved seeing all the cats. Angela is allergic, so less so. After we returned to the mainland, we visited the near by Ishinomori Manga Museum. Considering we were unfamiliar with the artist, it was pretty interesting, and the building was very cool.

Afterwards, we headed further north to Kensenuma, a fishing town.