Japan - Day 10 - Shiroshi to Sendai

Stayed Hotel Keihan Sendai  
Ate Lunch Soba at Fumotoya
  Dinner Wagyu and tongue at Nikugen Sendai
Travel Driving 148 km
  Walking 16.1 km

We started the day attempting to drive to Okama Crater, a lake in an active volcano, up a crazy mountain road, but about 3km before the crater, the road was still closed for the winter.

So we backtracked, stopped at a waterfall and park with lovely cherry blossoms, then drove to Yamadera to see the Risshakuji Temple up 1,000 steps. But before we got to Yamadera, we saw dozens and dozens of silk carp flags over a river. So we decided to stop and check it out. It was lovely, and Owen and I ended up on the local news, in English with no subtitles.

The Risshakuji Temple was gorgeous. You need to walk up hundreds of steps through an ancient cedar forest. At the top, there are many temples and shrines and viewpoints of the valleys below.

After a soba noodle lunch in Yamadera, we drove to Sendai. We immediately set out to walk up to the castle ruins. Then we stopped at a lovely cocktail bar for a few sours and finally went to a grill, where you cook wagyu and tongue (a regional speciality) yourself.