After 30 years of working, Angela and I decided to quit our jobs and possibly retire. Neither of us were enjoying where we were working any more and had always been wanting to retire young enough to enjoy our middle years. We might have to work in some way, but hopefully not full time. We are hoping to travel and hike a lot more.

We still plan on living in the UK and have no plans to move. Not to mention, Owen is working in London and still living with us and Ryan is still in his final year of University and likely will need to live with us for a few years.

Angela didn’t really do anything for her last days at work, but I rented a pub and threw a party with loads of current and former Canonical people. Luckily loads of people came, including a few from overseas and far away. It we a great evening and so nice to see everyone. I loved my time at Canonical, there was only some trouble coming from one place. My team was amazing, the work was amazing and fulfilling.