Book - Scrivener's Moon

Scrivener's Moon (Mortal Engines) cover

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Scrivener’s Moon (Mortal Engines)

by Philip Reeve

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Synopsis: In a future land once known as Britain, nomad tribes are preparing to fight a terrifying enemy - the first-ever mobile city. Before London can launch itself, young engineer Fever Crumb must journey to the wastelands of the North. She seeks the ancient birthplace of the Scriven mutants. In the chaotic weeks before battle begins, Fever finds a mysterious black pyramid. The extraordinary secrets it contains will change her world forever.

So, this was the prequel closest to the story line of the Mortal Engines quartet. It answered many questions raised in both the prequel and the quartet such as; Where did the Scriven come from? Why were the traction cities built in the first place? As well as complete much of the arch of Fever Crumb’s life. However, I felt it casually threw away many lives of interesting characters and didn’t really complete their story arcs very well. Well done Mr. Reeve for creating these amazing people, but you really want more of each of them.

I don’t know if there is a fourth book, but I really hope so. Otherwise, I feel like Web of Air will have been a bit of a waste in the story cycle and I wish I could have more of London and Fever.

Great stories in here, just too little space for them all.