Book - A Parrot in the Pepper Tree

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A Parrot in the Pepper Tree

by Chris Stewart

Rating: ★★★★☆

Synopsis: A Parrot in the Pepper Tree, the sequel to Driving over Lemons, follows the lives of Chris, Ana and their daughter, Chloë, as they get to grips with a misanthropic parrot who joins their home, Spanish school life, neighbours in love, their amazement at Chris appearing on the bestseller lists … and their shock at discovering that their beloved valley is once more under threat of a dam. A Parrot in the Pepper Tree also looks back on Chris Stewart’s former life – the hard times shearing in midwinter Sweden (and driving across the frozen sea to reach island farms); his first taste of Spain, learning flamenco guitar as a 20-year old; and his illustrious music career, drumming for his school band Genesis (sacked at 17, he never quite became Phil Collins), and then for a circus.

I liked Driving over Lemons and this was equally good. It really is a series of semi-connected stories. However, they are funny, interesting and above all genuine. Chris is willing to share his live, warts and all. So good in fact that he turned northern Greece into Spain for me.