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Moving Pictures (A Discworld Novel)

by Terry Pratchett

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Synopsis: The alchemists of the Discworld have discovered the magic of the silver screen. But what is the dark secret of Holy Wood hill? It’s up to Victor Tugelbend (“Can’t sing. Can’t dance. Can handle a sword a little.”) and Theda Withel (“I come from a little town you’ve probably never heard of”) to find out…“Moving Pictures”, the ninth “Discworld” novel is a gloriously funny saga set against the background of a world gone mad!

Ok, so I didn’t love this as much as Mort, but it was still worth reading. Bits of it were brilliant, some bits slow to build and some bits just didn’t finish.

However, I loved Gaspode the dog so much I would read it just for his quote:

“There was sunnink I got to tell you. What was it, now? Oh yeah. I remember. Your girlfriend is an agent of demonic powers.”