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Predator's Gold (Mortal Engines Quartet) cover

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Predator’s Gold

by Philip Reeve

Rating: ★★★★★

Synopsis: Fleeing from an Anti-Tractionist sect, the Green Storm, Tom and Hester are left drifting in the frozen Ice Wastes, slowly dying of cold after the Jenny Haniver’s engines have failed. They are saved at the last minute, finding Anchorage, a once-beautiful ice city that has fallen on hard times. Crippled by plague, there are barely fifty souls on Anchorage now, and the teenage margravine has made a desperate choice. They are heading for America, the Dead Continent…

I still don’t know what makes this a “children’s book”, perhaps it is in the omission of descriptive sex and violence? This book is quite simply genius - for children or adults.

I have read a LOT of science fiction. I have read a lot of “children’s books” and this series rate’s as high as any of have read. On par with Harry Potter and possibly above His Dark Materials (books 2 & 3 anyway).

It is completely original, very clever, well paced, wonderful characters. I can’t say enough. READ THIS BOOK!

DISCLAIMER: I work for Scholastic and nearly met Philip – twice