Politics of Hate

McCain's fit

I have always voted conservatively on the national level and liberally on the local level. It is because I feel that money spent locally is more targeted and better managed with less bureaucracy that if you try to solve the same problem at a national level.

Obviously this doesn’t work for all issues, nor do all local governments act better than national ones; however, it has meant that I have generally voted Republican for President, Senate and Congress and for Democrats in the State and City elections.

I have never been a member of a party or donated money to a party… until a few weeks ago when McCain brought Governor Palin onto the ticket.

I cannot believe how quickly they turned to the politics of hated. Looking at some of the videos, I think even Sen. McCain has been shocked by some of his audience’s comments. But you reap what you sow and I cannot stand by and watch it happen.

I have now donated for the first time to the Obama campaign and have started doing what I can to help. If McCain wins, I am not ever moving back to the US!