Concert - Ezio

I don’t know where she found this band, but Angela out of the blue ordered two albums from their website. Then has been watching them to play a show in London that we can go to. It ended up being tonight. They were amazing.

The show was all the way in Islington at the Bar Academy, all they way in the North East corner of London and we live in the South West. We drove, just to make sure getting home wasn’t too bad. The place was small, about 200 covers. We arrived with about 20 minutes to wait before Ezio went on stage.

The concert was about two hours long and they played loads of songs we knew and many more that sounded equally well written. Ezio was very funny between songs saying things like:

This is a newish song… so we will probably fuck it up.

or, when a string broke during the encore and he couldn’t do the song everyone wanted…

Sorry, I ain’t gonna play that, I have played that one a million times… and this isn’t a democracy… they told me that song was going to be huge on the aerobics circuit and I was going to be rich… fuck it, I am playing this one instead.

All the musicians were excellent, specially Booga, the huge lead guitar player and the drummer.

They songs were magnificent and Ezio’s voice is near perfect. Some times you wonder why they didn’t make it big? Perhaps the acoustic guitars?

Anyway, I would recommend seeing them if you can.