Book - In Praise of Slow

Carl Honore: In Praise of Slow


In Praise of Slow by Carl Honore

I got this for Angela for Christmas this year. Its pretty interesting on how people all over the world, usually for only one segment of their life, are choosing to slow down (e.g. the slow food movement).

I am only half way through, but I am not sure if I have finished the book and I don’t like the style, both familiar, with the author’s own experiences and feelings and journalistic at the same time. However, I personally believe in much of the various movements, so I will keep on reading. but there is no giant MOVEMENT at all. If you are interested in slowing down, I wouldn’t bother with this book, I would just start cooking all your own food and turn off the TV!

Interestingly, the book is called ‘In Praise of Slowness’ in the US. I wonder if they thought American’s were too literal?