Play - A Raisin in the Sun

Walter Lee from Raisin in the Sun

Performed at the Lyric Hammersmith, this play was simply amazing and totally unexpected. Unexpected because Angela told me it was a happy gospel-like musical – and it isn’t, also because it coming from 1959 completely destroyed my understanding of the black American condition at the time. It talked about things in a familiar way that I didn’t think were formalized until the late 60’s or 70’s.

What are some of these things?

  • intergenerational issues moving from slavery, share-cropping to relative freedom and civil rights
  • complexity of developing a unique culture with known black American values and the issue of introducing traditional African heritage
  • role of women within the black culture
  • issues with roles of men inside a dominate white culture
  • and much more…

I was very dark, complex and powerful. Beautifully acted. Hardly dated over the past 46 years… Only the Pyrrhic victory at the end was a little to subtle for me… I am sure Hollywood would have made it far more dramatic if they made it today.

I would recommend that everyone go and see this play.