Concert - Beastie Boys at Wembley

Beastie Boys Ticket for Wembley - 7 Dec 2004

What a surprise! I hemmed and hawed… I didn’t think that Angela would want to go again… I didn’t think we should spend the money… Well Angela saw the tickets and went for it without thinking!

The concert was amazing, the B-Boys were great. Wembley’s acoustics stink and it was way too loud in there, but that’s another story.

The concert was a real mix of everthing they have done. They even did a set with songs from the instrumental album The In Sounds from Way Out with Money Mark, which is without question – one of the best albums ever created.

My personal favorites where:

  • Root Down
  • Pass the mic
  • Skills to pay the bills
  • Somethings got to give
  • Open Letter to NYC
  • 3MCs and 1DJ
  • So Whatca Want
  • Intergalactic

Not that I could really pick a bad one either.

If they are coming to a city near you – Go!