Play - The Producers

Ticket: The Producers

Well, after nearly four years, we finally got to see The Producers with Nathan Lane. It came out in New York right before we moved and we tried to get tickets, we even called on the first day they were available, Angela, very reasonably wasn’t so sure with a two week old Ryan, when she changed her mind and we called back and they were sold out until well after we moved.

It was going to open here with Richard Dreyfus, who I must say, cannot imagine as Bialystock. I wasn’t really interested… but then he too must have realized that he would have stunk and backed out. Enter Nathan Lane to open (and save) the show until 8 January. We rushed and got tickets (hard to get too!)

It was excellent. Nathan Lane made the show, but Lee Evans (Leo) was excellent as well (not to mention the excellent Nazi-dude – what a voice and what a ham). We really enjoyed it. It does differ from the movie in places, but still very true to the original. See it if you can