Book - Kitchen Confidential

Kitchen Confidential


Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Most people probably know of the book or of Tony Bourdain from his stint on FoodTV. However, I hadn’t as his show came on after we left New York.

The book is really a set of essays on what its like to work in a kitchen and how his life moved from college to executive chef of Les Halles. It is very interesting to see that world from the inside, sort of a dark, criminally insane, world of hideous hours and rigorous repetition. Anthony writes incredibly well considering its not his first profession and the characters he works with very interesting.

Also worth mentioning, that in the middle of writing it, John Cook and Kim took me to Les Halles in New York ( without me even mentioning it ) so I got to see his cooking first hand (sort of, a doubt he was in the kitchen). And it was excellent – not that it makes one difference to the book.