Magic of Business Photography

I love lifestyle and business photography. Most of us don’t even realize what we are looking on business websites and many magazines. Its just normal to be reading a story on the growth of PDAs or something with an image of an attractive kid on a scooter with a phone. Part of the problem is that it is hard to take an abstract concept and depict it graphically… or even photographically. But occasionally you come across a real winner, one that makes you think… “it is me, or was the creative guy here on drugs…”

This image…

ray lifestyle image

was selected by the lead designer on one of the websites I work with professionally.

and he turned it into…

resulting lifestyle image

this… for an article on outsourcing.

I love it… nothing says “outsourcing” to me than two attractive women in the high desert in business attire on a phone… it just sings to me.

Actually I recommended this image, but it was rejected…

sweat shop image

Now, I think that screams outsourcing!